It’s All in the planning…

Our ride to Os de Civis yesterday was fairly uneventful compared to previous days but it was incredibly warm. 
Despite the locals warnings that today’s route was covered in deep snow and impassable (by 4×4 and quad bike at least), the 40 kilomtere ride over the high mountains was lovely and only required a few hikes over the snow covered tracks above 2000 meters.

 The sun was shining and we even found some long stretches of downhill I could cruise with confidence….

In some places the snow is still good enough to ski so we will need to adjust our route in the coming days (my idea of buying big foot skis for the full ski-cycle experience did not go down well with Gez…).

Speaking of the weather, the forecast does not appear to be in our favour: Sunday we are expecting a substantial thunderstorm bringing 17mm of rain throughout the day, and the rain continues for most of the following week. We are going to get wet. For a week. How do you say ‘poncho’ in Spanish?
We are aiming for lots of early starts and as much good luck as we can carry (did I mention that Gez’s back brake has gone now? Temporarily filled with motor oil and air until we can find a bike shop). 

Sit tight for our next update, we may be some time…
PS. Here’s a picture of an Andorran goat. Lock up your puppies.

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