Más vale tarde que nunca!

¡Holá! Or should we say Bonjour?

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that we were back in the saddle again today. 

I am writing this post from Andorra and feeling very pleased that we followed our host’s advice and stayed an extra night in the mountain refuge (Cap De Rec).

The smell of sweaty man socks and sound of a dozen snoring alpinists was significantly better than being stuck outside in a snow storm.
Today has brought us some amazing views, more bike trouble (Gez’s brakes!) and believe it or not, a goat kicking a puppy in the face.

The riding was much more fun today. I may even be getting the hang of ski cycling (well, almost..).

 We crossed the border into Andorra around 2pm and decided to celebrate with a massive lunch. The extra weight aided our 11 mile decent into Sant Julià do Lòria, a decent which would have been much more fun had Gez’s brakes been fully functional (or if they had let us on the toboggan run with our bicycles).

Thankfully cycling is rather popular in these parts and we had very little trouble finding a friendly bike shop.  My back hub is fine by the way, turns out wooden chair legs make great hammers…

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