Incidental Meditation

This trip is quite different for both of us.

Gez has had to sit still for prolonged periods of time, Myanmar isn’t quite ready for the way we like to travel and we are both earning our keep by working on UK stuff while we’re on the move.

All of these things have slowed the natural pace of our adventures, making me wonder exactly where the time has gone…

Returning to the Breeze Inn in the old town of Mawlamyine to begin the next phase of our journey, we encounter an inspirational gentleman. He looks exactly as he did in 2017, as if his age and wisdom have been frozen in time until our return.

He is a wise and friendly Buddhist, a constant in the now rapidly changing face of an ageing city. The truth in his advice remains as timeless as his face.

Focus on the thing that you do.

You ride your bike, one two, one two, left right, left right. Give this action your full attention, this is incidental meditation.

The past is the past and cannot be changed, the future is not yet here. The present is called that for a reason, it is a gift.

Be present, enjoy the gift in front of you.

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