We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

Right, I feel like we can discuss this now, after two weeks of keeping as still as he possibly can, his foot has not gone a funny colour and has definitely not fallen off..

So much of life revolves around the sea here and the most comfortable form of travel is by boat. It’s no wonder we have felt so much at home, taking every opportunity to slip into the crystal clear waters of the Andaman sea. 

One such place was a remote beach called Paradise to the south of Dawei.

A short trip to Paradise

Having been advised that the beaches and coves of the area were too spread out to explore by bike, we took the easy (and less sweaty) option; hired a scooter and set off south towards the jungle-covered peninsula.

Gez’s superior mountain bike skills guided us safely through the twisting singletrack, despite the scooter’s lack of grip or brakes. Later we learned that most people ask a local to drive for them and keep their eyes shut!.

The enthusiastic snorkelling was not quite as successful, turning out to be more dangerous than you’d think.

Cutting his foot quite badly while treading water, Gez has been working really hard to rest it ever since (look away before you get to this bit if you are squeamish).

Once I’d worked out what the hand signals and pale face meant I was of course very concerned …although very reluctant to leave the sea.

I was, at the time captivated by the site of a leopard moray eel and giant grouper. I realise now that they were there following the scent of blood to the swimming buffet. The same swimming buffet that was trying to gain my attention while heading for shore and the comparative safety of his shoes.

Thankfully squid fishing boats feeding the Thai market are so heavy in number in this region that the sharks are all kept far too busy to come this close to shore.

An injured foot has meant less time on the bikes and more time in hammocks and boats, it’s a hard life but we are just about coping. Pass the rum…

Ps. As I write this we are planning the route for our next ride, the offending foot has healed and we are both very excited about the journeys to come.

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  1. Aargh! Was it a coral cut? I’ve had that bloody never stops bleeding! Glad you’re ok Gez… and Monster…snog that old Buddha for me again xxxx

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