Blooming Blogs

Perhaps by now some of you are wondering where the blooming blogs are?

I confess that yes, we have been gadding about in the sunshine with massive grins on our faces, surrounded by the wonders of nature but we have also been working on websites and spending less money here than we would need to at home.

The daily commute has become an adventure, this digital nomad thing has serious potential.

Time to stop feeling guilty for enjoying life and share some top-tips.

  • Always carry a large tasty vegetable.
    Sri Lanka is home to approximately 3000 wild elephants, if you meet a hungry one organic matter can be a useful distraction.
  • An empty plate it won’t stay that way for long.
    Rice and curry(s) the National dish, in all its forms are completely delicious and will keep coming until you a) slip into a dinner coma or b) beg them to stop.
  • There is no hot tub and the roof leaks.
    Check the photographs of budget properties with really high review scores and amazing facilities VERY CAREFULLY. It is still possible to find good quality, low cost accommodation run by very lovely people but be sure to trust your eyes over and above the review scores. Oh, and the frog living in the bathroom was there before you, so get over it.
  • Drinking arrack with your mates causes partial nudity
    We have witnessed several Arracksidents. Be warned, this stuff can send you face first into the sea with your trousers around your knees, despite the best efforts of your friends to recover your unwanted dignity.




One thought on “Blooming Blogs

  1. It’s a lot like Flitwick then!!! But with elephants!! Fabulous pictures, hope one wins a prize again!!

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