Mingalaba Myanmar

This Twixt-mas we have mostly been bouncing around in speed boats.
Border crossing days can be stressful with confusing conversations, over enthusiastic touts and incomprehensible signage. When you are trying to contend with your combined nerves, heavily laden mountain bikes and all of the above in 30+ degree heat it’s all too easy to become
that grumpy tourist, fortunately this is not our first rodeo…

Experience has taught us that every good border crossing starts with a massive grin and a speedboat…or an ice-cream …or best of all, all three.

This time we have outdone ourselves with a double speedboat. Well, two long tails to be accurate, both very noisy and very splashy. Starting out from our Christmas retreat on the sleepy island of Ko Chang Noi, stopping for breakfast in Ranong and on into Kawthoung at the southernmost tip of magical Myanmar in time for lunch.

Fear not, there will be plenty of sweating and and cycling to come over the next few months but just for now, let me pop my feet up and enjoy this ice cream.

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