The vultures are circling

Have you ever seen a pack of vultures dinning on the carcass of a cow? It is actually quite scary…. and yes the collective noun for vultures is a venue but that sounds more like we’ve been out clubbing than scaling the Pyrenees…

Out route today has been mostly by road following local knowledge that our intended route is deep in snow drifts and the descent is still being used as a ski slope (…once is most definitely enough for that kind of experience).

Our detour of almost 80 kilometres brought us some well deserved down hill and the inevitable up hill.

I can safely say that the most eventful part of our day occurred as we rounded a corner towards La Pobelta de Bellvie, we were confronted with at least 30 enormous birds fighting over the carcass of a cow and another that might have been a deer once (Jane it was just like being in Jurassic Park!).

While other passers by did not set foot outside their cars, Gez calmly stopped his bike as close as possible to the scene and started taking pictures. Only moving on when I pointed out that I thought they had nearly finished with the cow…

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