Lost in France

We have a confession to make. 

After the day we had yesterday we decided to give ourselves a break. On deciding this we were lucky enough to stumble upon, what is quite probably the nicest place we have visited so far. 

The hills in this  area of the French Pyrenees  look like freshly cooked muffins in an overcrowded baking tin, even more so when you are hungry…

Back to our story. If you are ever in the French Pyrenees we strongly recommend you check out Maison Aguerria, an oasis in our otherwise challenging day – it’s the large house in the lush green bit in the photo below:

Our hosts could not have been nicer …complimentary drinks, check. Comfortable bed, check. Book you into the nearest restaurant, drive you there AND back, massive double check. Breakfast fit for a King, got that covered to…. Words cannot express how grateful we both were that our hosts were fluent in English (French and Dutch) and incredibly helpful. 

Still rediculously tired (and being pursued by vultures) we started what was to be our penultimate day. Everything aches by this point and I have no idea what is making the loud creaking sound, my bike or my hips. 

We stop for coffee after the first 18k (most of which has been uphill) and as we drink coffee after coffee we slowly broach the subject of being completely shattered. Neither one of us wish to show any sign of weakness, but it’s past 11am, over 20c, the route is exceptionally long today (the longest so far), we are not used to the heat and we have been pushing ourselves as hard as we can for several weeks now. 

We agree that there really is no shame in cutting today “short” (so that is 38k instead of 57k) an executive decision has been made and we will take an extra day to complete the route. 

…As we are still a full day ahead of schedule I believe this means we still finish on target. Perhaps the author of our route knew what they were doing after all…

We are looking forward to a good nights sleep and a shorter day tomorrow (we are still due to complete 39km, with some substantial climbs).  

We are very tired but will not be beaten…

Please dig deep if you can or share our blogs if you can’t. Together we will beat cancer sooner.

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