If you go down through the woods today…

As some of you will be aware, we narrowly avoided a massive soaking last night (thank you weather app, we owe you one). 

Our hotel room was very comfortable (thanks for asking) and I finally had the dinner I have been dreaming of for the last week; a plate full of green beans that definitely hadn’t been deep fried, not even a little bit. Followed by a plate full of fruit (also not fried). When you are tired a little under the weather and unbelievably hungry it really is the little things that make you smile.

Well rested and both felling a little like we’d cheated with our big comfortable bed for the night, we decided to take the long way round today…

Following the standard bike faff; a new front tyre on Gez’s Yeti to replace the shredded continental, we finally left SabinĂ¡nigo around 12, with Gez apparently feeling ashamed to be running a halfords special Michelin 2.1 “grip’R”.

Rather than taking the planned route to the north, where we expected all the streams to be swollen and perhaps not fordable without wading gear, we headed west, along the route of the Camino de Santiago (which is, by the way, nothing to do with a whale).

The route was lovely and gentle compared with recent days.  An undulating road between two ridges of hills and up in a protected woodland..when we say gentle, these hills are all at least twice the height of those around Bath and much steeper. 

Today’s geology was quite different to the main pyreneean mountains (Rebecca Davis, where are you when we need you?). 

We were greeted by glowing fields of oil seed rape, numerous ancient churches, evidence of medieval settlements and nature’s unrelenting beauty. 

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