Yes, I am sure it’s a lovely ski slope…

Just in case any of you have been wondering (…and I’m guessing you all have). Pushing a fully laden touring mountain bike up hill to 2145mtrs above sea level to then try and ride it down a series of partially snow covered ski slopes that sit on top of some very slippery scree is, without question, a bad idea. Right out of my comfort zone and head and shoulders above my current mountain biking ability level …even Gez got off and walked!

Why on earth would anyone put themselves through this when they essentially haven’t got a clue?    

I have never felt more motivated to try and make a difference that’s why. Very sadly, cancer will touch all of our lives and on the night before my 42nd birthday, the first one I will celebrate without hearing my lovely mum’s beautiful out of tune rendition of “happy birthday”, my resolve has never been stronger. 

Dig deep if you can and please share our posts and links if you can’t. Together we will beat cancer sooner.


Bedford Hospitals Charity

£657.00 raised of our £1,000 target

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Cancer Research UK

£635.00 raised of our £1,000 target

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