It can’t be that steep.

For those of you who may have thought (myself included) that, as we near the end of our epic challenge, it would all effectively be “down hill from here”… think again.

Today’s climb provided us with some of the most beautiful views we have seen to date as well as some significant thigh burn (she quietly kicks herself for exclaiming to the helpful Spanish man this morning “it can’t possibly be THAT steep!”)

By the time we’d caught our breath for the last time on this particular ascent, Mother Nature was ready with her reward…

Come to think of it, every time we have really pushed ourselves Mother Nature has come up trumps.. Marmots, Griffin Vultures, Golden Eagles and view after astounding view. Perhaps we should get out more.

Views like this are hard to capture on film – the visibility was so clear that layer upon layer of mountains stretched off into the distance for hundreds of miles.  We tracked our progress, recounting each day as it hopped over another layer on the horizon. We have come a long way!

Despite my slowly deflating tyre and the continued rain, we are very much on target.  

We are planning to reward ourselves with a day off tomorrow as the weather forecast has taken a turn for the worse.
Oh, and when Gez got up this morning there were 17 vultures still circling above:

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