Race you to the top?

Today was the day. I shall remember it always, the day I made it up the mountain before Gez….

To those of you who know Gez well (the same man who ran across the Alps for fun shortly after we first met and has competed in the UK national mountain bike championships) I can tell just how impressed you all are from here.

Perhaps I should place my victory in context. 

Yes, I set out on this mission with very little mountain biking know how (I watched a five minute video on YouTube that was really helpful). 

A bit like this one…


Yes, after more than two weeks of cycling up really big mountains carrying my bike and kit (we need to double check exact weights but that’s a minimum 28kilos of plus water and food) I am significantly fitter than I think I have ever been. Yes, I have become at one with my Rocky Mountain (fancy mountain bike) and on more than one occasion, my trusty steed has saved me from significant gravel rash by selecting a more appropriate path than the one I had intended…but all of this was still not enough. 

I had to wait for Gez to have a little sit down and sneak past him in order to achieve today’s (massive) personal victory…

Why on earth would Gez have a little sit down? Well …he was pretending to be dead in order to find out if the griffin vultures would be interested in potential “chez Gez” lunch. The answer you have all been waiting for is…. Drumroll please…. YES! 

Don’t panic though, as soon as he had established that all 18 vultures would most likely eat him, he got up and started pedalling.

In other news, it’s still raining but we are making good progress. It is amazing just how incentivising the thought that 18 hungry vultures may be tracking you can be. 

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