Purest Green

Having worked so hard to gain more altitude than we’d ever gained before we made a pact; we will enjoy the downhill, we will not speed down hill and miss out on looking at all of the views.
The idiom “change your mind like the wind” makes so much more sense now than it ever used to.

We descended over 2000m in a couple of hours, serious type 1 fun.

When I stopped to exercise my braking fingers, my spirits rose even further, we were back below the tree line and everywhere I looked I could see fresh green shoots, crops dancing in the wind and new life taking hold.

Nepal is a truly magical place that has suffered a catastrophic disaster, there is no quick fix here.

We have found Nepal to be filled with honest hard working people who have done nothing but help us since we arrived and we feel very privileged to be able to give back rather than just passing through this beautiful country.

If you’d like to give back too, you can find our JustGiving page here

We thank you all for supporting Community Action Nepal and look forward to our next adventure…

2 thoughts on “Purest Green

  1. Bloody well done on every level – and thank you both for letting us experience it with you through your well written and exquisitely photographed blogs. Enjoy your recovery! X

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