Welcome to Cambodia

Cambodia has so many important and complex stories to tell that we could not possibly do them justice in this blog. We strongly recommend that you read up on Cambodian history (recent and ancient), visit this beautiful country if you can and that you seek your facts from a range of sources as there are many versions of every story we heard during our stay.

There are some important facts you must be aware of before you read our Cambodian blogs…

There are between 3 and 6 million land mines that remain in place on Cambodian soil (December 2016).

One in every 300 Cambodians (December2016) has been injured, disabled or killed by a land mine.

The Rise of the Khmer Rouge during the 1970’s resulted in the killing of approximately 3 million Cambodians. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, linguists, in fact any national (or foreigner who didn’t get out fast enough) with an education was targeted.

America dropped more bombs on Cambodia during their 10 year “secret war” than they did during the whole of WW2… 230,000 sorties, 113,000 targets and over 500,000 tons of explosive, all without the knowledge or approval of U.S. Congress.

Despite everything that the “civilised world” has done to and/or triggered in this country, Cambodia remains a beautiful and welcoming place filled with wam and friendly people who are filled with hopes and dreams of a brighter future.





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